Grayton Farms

Since 2008 Alexander and Holly Grayton have been operating Grayton Farms Ltd out of their family farm in Priddis.

Alexander and Holly's experience as well as the knowledge instilled in them by mentors and trainers past and present, have molded the Grayton Farms training program into what it is today. 


The team at Grayton Farms offers many services, including horse sales, training, investment and partnerships, clinics, management, consulting, and so much more!

Alexander Grayton - Owner and Trainer


Alexander's entry into the horse world came at an early age when he and his older sister began taking riding lessons at a local stable in Calgary - Teesdale Riding School. 


Over the course of his childhood, Alexander participated in many other sports and activities, especially hockey and tennis, before ultimately turning his focus towards show jumping near the end of his high school years.


After graduating from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc in Oil & Gas Engineering in 2006, Alexander began his education in show jumping. He trained with celebrated Alberta horseman Frank Selinger for several years as he gained experience training young horses and riding his first Grand Prix classes.


Alexander spent a year training with top American rider Kyle King before immersing in the Millar Brooke Farm system riding with Canadian legend Ian Millar for another year. During his time with Ian, the focus on training and preparation was solidified as a major component of Alexander's philosophy. It was also through Ian that Alexander met Emile and Paul Hendrix - world renowned Dutch horsemen - who continue to be partners and mentors to Alexander. Most recently Alexander has trained with legendary horseman and coach George Morris since 2016.


Over the past several years, Alexander has developed horses into elite horses for sport, including a National Talent Squad Finals title, National Young Horse Champion, Hunter champions and numerous Grand Prix and International victories.


Alexander has trained riders of all levels - from entering their first horse show to winning Talent Squad Finals, FEI Children's Finals, International Grand Prix and every spot in between.


Alexander's competitive aspirations include representing Team Canada in Nations Cup and Championship competitions as well as continuing to develop and produce high performance horses. 

Alexander has also written several articles published at 

Holly Grayton - Manager

Holly has been surrounded by horses for her whole life. Her parents met through their own love of horses and it was only natural that her mother had a pony for her by the age of 3. Soon after, summer camps and lessons began, and so it continued. Holly spent her younger years leasing horses, including a mare named Lucy that played a pivotal role in shaping her love for horses and learning to work with their individual personalities.


After high school, Holly's mother left their home in Victoria for Calgary and Holly followed suit. Holly quickly found work in the equestrian industry, first with Canadian Olympic rider Jonathan Asselin and then with veterinarian Dr Dan French where she met her first true mentors, Joely Mann and Andrew More. While at Dr French's farm, 'Teradan Farms', Holly would learn from Joely and Andrew not only how to start young horses but also the fundamentals of sport and how the two paths intersect.


After a brief hiatus from the sport to study at Mount Royal University, Holly continued her sport education from top professionals alongside her future husband, Alexander Grayton. The two spent time traveling and learning from everyone they could, including Kyle King, Ian Millar and the Millar Family, Paul Belasik, Emile Hendrix, George Morris, and more.


As the business has grown at Grayton Farms, Holly has had many opportunities to compete her own horses and currently rides Baron Ginus who Holly refers to as her "first" horse: together they have accomplished many "firsts" for Holly, starting with her first 1.30m competition, first 1.40m, first Grand Prix, and first FEI CSI3* competition. 

Clients of Grayton Farms can look to Holly for her accumulated knowledge of horse care while in the program, and can trust her never-ending desire to continue to learn from esteemed and respected colleagues from around the world.  


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