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Alexander Grayton

Amazing Coach & Trainer, President

Alexander Grayton is an engineer from the University of Calgary, who applies his analytical thinking and critical reasoning skills in training horses and riders. He is a sought-after coach for his ability to explain concepts, strategize for success and his feeling for horses and courses. His signature is competition preparation and execution.


Alexander emerged on the international show jumping scene in 2006, after riding recreationally as a junior and young adult. Under the tutelage of Frank Selinger, Alexander competed in his first World Cup qualifiers and won his first Grand Prix events. Grayton Farms established in 2008 was seeded from these experiences. Embedded in the farm’s evolution are lessons learned from Kyle King, Ian Millar, and Emile Hendrix, their strength for competition, international experience and business sense have helped Alexander and wife Holly build a business they’re most proud of. Underpinning their horse program is an openness to education, he and Holly continue to seek out intensive training opportunities for show jumping, dressage, and horsemanship and indeed will continue this as lifelong learners. 


A testament to Alexander’s training approach, his students have represented Canada in international competitions, including FEI Children’s World Finals, North American Youth Championships, Young Riders Nations Cups, and various CSI events. Horses produced in the Grayton Farms program have gone on to hunter championships, equitation wins, Young Horse national champions, and international Grand Prix winners.

Holly Grayton

Organizer of Important Things, COO

Holly Grayton is a dedicated athlete and student of the sport of show jumping.  She rode recreationally as a junior and now as a serious amateur competitor. She’s been employed by some of the best show jumping and dressage stables in the country. 


Her attraction to the sport is full spectrum, through enterprise and resourcefulness she's had unique opportunities to access top tier equestrian sport and operations. Whether through media access on the spectrum from Spruce Meadows to Aachen, interviews for Grayt Times magazine with international stars, local Albertans, course designers, breeders, and wellness experts; Holly’s hallmark is that she confronts this sport personally and in print to understand the technicalities and the artistry of riding, the foundations of training and development, and the medical and psychological perspectives in a constructive way.


Holly is an integral part of the daily operations and organization of Grayton Farms, she is operations officer planning logistics and management, and sometimes as a mentor and advocate for students.  She is publisher of a national show jumping magazine Grayt Times, a subsidiary of Grayt Designs a multi-media enterprise established and piloted by Holly. She is also a respected fine art and private equine lifestyle photographer with several unique commissions for studio and sport.


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Back on Track

Back On Track

"I have been using Back On Track products for me, my horses and my dogs since 2007. The Welltex line of therapeutic products have consistently been a part of our program to keep our equine athletes recovering well and feeling their best, and the incredible innovations with helmet technology are revolutionizing safety in our sport." Alex Grayton



Equi Products

"Equi-Products is Canada’s premiere tack store, and has always carried the best brands for clothing, tack and accessories for humans and horses. I have been partnered with Equi-Products for nearly 10 years, and I recommend contacting them first for anything you or your horse need." - Alex Grayton




"I have been using Purica Wellness products for my horses, my dogs and even myself for the past three years, and the difference they have made for all of us is remarkable. The wide array of human products have been transformative in keeping my own body healthy and recovering well, which helps reinforce the positive changes I can sense in my horses and dogs." - Alex Grayton


Lucky Braids

Lucky Braids

"Nobody knows horses better than those who care for them every day, and Ruth-Ann’s years of experience and love for horses have come together to make our favourite grooming products. I have used Lucky Braids by Top Turnout shampoo for years, which have helped keep our horses healthy and professionally turned out, and the FEI-safe skin products are a must-have at competitions and at home." - Alex Grayton


DK Saddlery

DK Saddlery

"A well-fitted saddle should be a top priority for every horse owner, and since I first rode in a DK saddle more then four years ago my appreciation and understanding of exactly how much of a difference it can make to performance and happiness has grown exponentially. The DK saddle is in a class of its own for its ability to promote healthy and strong horses who come out happier to work every day in their DK." - Alex Grayton

biomatrix (1).png

Bio Matrix


"BioMatrix has been part of my horses’ regimen for the past year, and the difference in body condition and healthy glow is impressive. BioMatrix is a staple in our stable to help keep all of our horses in top form." - Alex Grayton