Thoughtful and strategic development of both horse and rider for sport.

Alexander Grayton and Grayton Farms have an extensive background in training horses from youngsters all the way to International Grand Prix horses. We are currently accepting clients for horse training, rider coaching, investment horses, sales horses and clinics now based at Millar Brooke Farm in Perth Ontario.  Please Contact Us for more information about any of these services! 

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Alexander Grayton has been coaching students of all levels since 2009. His experience and success as a rider, combined with analytical approach to show jumping has helped mould his program. The foundation of the program is in proper flatwork, which is built upon with appropriate gymnastic and training exercises for both horse and rider, and finished with course management and horse show experience. In addition to training, Grayton Farms management program ensures the optimal health and performance of both horse and rider.


Students of Grayton Farms have represented Canada at the FEI Childrens' World Finals, FEI Grand Prix competition, and the winner's circle across North America. 

Alex now offers Zoom lessons for students out of town. Contact us for more details.

"When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have" Sir Winston Churchill


Investment Horses/Partnerships


Over the past several years Grayton Farms has developed a successful sales program by sourcing and importing horses from Europe, training and developing them for resale into the North American market. The horses are carefully and thoughtfully selected for the program with the help of long standing partners in Europe. In addition to investing in and selling horses through its own Grayton Farms Sales Group, Grayton Farms can offer this service to clients.


If you love the sport of show jumping or if you enjoy watching the progression of new talent, Contact Us for more information about this program and how we can make horse ownership an exciting investment for you!